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The Thistle and The Cactus

Plants - Medicine - People

Cactus on Yellow Wall
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Cactus Plants


Consultations take into consideration all aspects of our patients' health. We aim at building a therapeutic relationship to find the best way to incorporate herbal medicine, dietary, and lifestyle advice. 

We are respectful, inclusive and want to help you achieve your goals by working together.

Herbalist and doctor

Amparo is a medical doctor and an experienced qualified and registered herbalist. They have extensive experience supporting people with autoimmune conditions, digestive problems, anxiety, low energy, menopausal symptoms and many other conditions. 




Our Ethos

We want to enable people to re-gain and maintain their health through bodily autonomy with the use of plant medicines. Bodily autonomy is about having agency over one's body, it is about dignity and it is about choice. 

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